WIP Space Hulk Brother Noctis

Greetz one and all,

My WIP post of this week is about my Low Lands Painting Contest entry. I'm not realy hoping for big results in the competition, but I do want to give it my best. As a result I've invested all my painting time of the past two weeks in this project. So it better be good ;o)  So far I'm rather pleased with the results, I did my red in several stages and I'm trying to give it all the attention it deserves. I'll probably redo the purity seals one of these day's, a but to much purple in my oppinion, it'll be a diferent shade of purple  (more red purple then blue)  Best thing yet, I'm having a great time painting this guy

I’m working his base at the moment, and want to go for something similar to the objective markers. Most definitely a desert base with magnetic function for further use in Space Hulk and 40K

Models in waiting
Mr Black and Mr Green
Gorka Morka Gang

Wish list
Cowboy’s White, Grey and Red
Warhammer; Skaven
40k; Inquisitormunda stuff

Forum posts:
Space Hulk Terminator [Lead Adventure]

More pictures:
My Flicker account

[EDIT] I didn't have time or light for new pix yesterday, so here is one and more on the flicker account.



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