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I've been listening to a lot of these audio drama's en novels while I'm painting, and I must say its a rather pleasing little extra.  Usually I sit by myself when I'm painting and more often than not I’m listening to music.  Listening to a story gives a bit of inspiration and a nice story to think about ;)

So yesterday afternoon I went by my flgs, and saw Bloodquest, I’ve enjoyed the comic books several years ago.  I don’t remember all exact details of the trilogy but in short it gave a more personal character to the space marines of the Blood Angels.  They brought captain leonatos and his crew on a penitent quest to redeem there honor and join de ranks of there legion once more. 

I thought after the experience with novels, character creation and a more grim-dark feel to the universe a Bloodquest Redux could be rather nice indeed.  Unfortunatly that is not what they did, the story is about a Demonworld  where IG are being hold prison.  For me the whole character of this world, its people and conflicts gives a 40k of the 80’s feel.  Which could be good if you’re in to that kind of thing, but the story lines are way to simple, the dialogues hollow, and no grim-dark at all.

I’m usually not so harsh for the things I review, I like to look at the silver lining of every thing I buy and review.  But this time the disappointment is a bit to hard I guess.  I will however keep enjoying audiodrama’s J


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