Introducing specialist corporal sizdah

Greetz one and all,

Today I bring you yet another one of my ratling adventurers for ItEn (link) using the same frame as before.  As a matter of fact I did this model more then a year ago, I just now got around to pain thing him :)

The model: as I said before the same technique (link) was used as with the others (link) this time using a empire helmet, bretonian body, melta bomb, terminator codpiece, ig grenade launcher, some wire and a lot of green stuff.

The paint job: I used the same base colors as before but in a different shade to give it all a bit more personal feel.  As such I didn't record the used colors.  Important note on the white however; I loved dheneb stone, but it is no longer supported by gw.  So now I went for .... A good match I think.

The stats: the standard stats came from the ItEn book stormtroper, the special equipment are my imagination.  I hope my game buddies like 'em ;)

The story: Sizdah is one of Rippers Ratpack, and although there are only 12 members Sizdah wears the number 13 on his helmet.  Some say the number one is reserved for the Emperor himself, others belive Ripper doesn't want to call him self number one.  Sizdah doesn't realy mind bearing the cursed number, it seems to be one of those things that cross his life every once and a while; being recruted for the 13th company of Gomorak, born on the 13th and growing up in Habcontinent ... 13.

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  1. Playtesting eh Guido :-)
    Stats look nice,
    Special equipement looks interesting as well !

    C ya



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