WIP march 28 2012

Greetz one and all,
One of today’s wip is a project I’ve been working on for years.  And now I finally find the solution to the last problem before completing; there is doubt :oD

First up some paint on my latest convertions; I’m doing the ratlings like my older ratling “ripper” and the rogue trader in red and Yellow, planning to do the coat in black or brown; although I just realized that would make it a sleeveless coat :o(

A long long time ago the Space Wolfs had acces to a leman russ battle tank.  I never really liked the wolves or the russ tank; but I did however liked the thought of creating a Marine Russ tank.  IG and Marine vehicles are completely different in design and so I thought combining the two would make a great little project to practice my plastic card skills.  I must say I like the result so far.  Only the turret seems like a big problem; mainly because it is no longer centered on the vehicle (I think).

So after more than a year in my closet I finally found my solution with Kromleg; or so I thought.  The size and form are satisfying, but all of a sudden I get to thinking; since the wolfs no longer get a Russ, and I don’t really like space wolfs, wouldn’t it be cooler if I just made a completely new tank out of it and leave the turret off?

I’d be happy with some advice

Rules etc are no problem since I plan on using ItEn rules (in other words all in possible :o)


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