wip oktober 12

Greetings one and all,

My WIP for today is not painting related.  We (the Goblins) are working hard to get a 40k city scape to topnotch quality.  We are giving it a lot of effort but it is looking rather good if I may say so myself.

But to play you also need models and stats etc.  amongst other games we will also be playing ItEn on this board.  (pics on dutch forum)
To ease gaming I’m currently working on reference cards for all the characters.

I hope to get a card for all my inquisitor stuff (link)


Models in waiting
Basing ItEn models
Blood Angel Dreads (2 to go)
Mr Black and Mr Green
Rest of the Gorka Morka Gang (bike, spanner)

Wish list
Cowboy’s White, Grey and Red
40k; ItEn stuff

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