Wayback Wednesday 08

Greetz one and all,

I must admit that I myself like this series of articles, so I’m giving it my best shot to keep it going.  There could be a point in time where my models run out.  But lets admit It will be a while and when we get there hopefully the new stuff now will be the way back then ;o)

Anyhow, today’s model in a Privateer press Widow maker.  Female models are always up in market, a lot of people like them better for some reason.   I like this model because of the feel.  Overall I don’t like the dungeon punk Warmachine publishes, although I’m a fan of steam punk.  This model is one of those exceptions in there range.

I painted this model for one of the previous Golden Goblin Paint challenges, again :o) There are a lot of things I can do better these days but overall I still like the result.  Didn’t find a use for the model though.


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