Introducing Kaptain Vladimir Vortchof

Greetings one and all,

I didn’t really get to posting my progress last weekend.  With a birthday girl in the house and the marriage of one of my table top buddy’s  it was busy indeed.  I did get the chance to paint another of my Dreadnoughts (which brings the count to 5 for now ;o) The model I’m introducing today was painted a few weeks ago, still got to do the basing but that will be for some time later on.

The model: I used an old kislev winged lancer and high elf archer legs. 
The painting: nothing to fancy but no dipping this time ;o) 
The Game: I will use him either as a guard captain or a merc.  He’s got carapace armour grenade laspistol and sword/knife.
The Inquisitors thoughts: Kaptain Vladimir Vortchof was commanding officer of the palace guard during the revolt on Tsarenka Prime.  Kaptain Vortchof was responsible for the safety of the governor.  He caught the eye of the Inquisition during the evacuation at Moskurva hive.

Ps; I did my first game of ItEn (1st ed) and had a lot of fun.  The rules are made for a nice game, not for a big balanced battle.  It can easily be exploited, but let’s not do that.  In my personal opinion this is a great game for fun battles under friends.



  1. very nice conversion, looks like it was meant to be that way, that's the best!

  2. Lovely conversion work, simple and effective, love the little background bit on him too. Im a sucker for doing that for all my minis.

  3. thx for the comments guy's.
    I'm planning to do a bit of comment on all my ItEn models and include some here and there for special mini's in my army's

    ps: I've included the link in the post and will add linkage on the side bar tonight.




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