Blood Angels Chaplain Rembartus

Greetings one and all,

This week I got to finishing 2 models, it's been a long time since I managed that.  Ok, the Pilot was more then half done.  It was more of putting 2 and 2 together, but I'm proud of my self anyway :o).  When I got to painting this one I was really proud of the freehand I did on the shoulder pad (pic on the left) nothing much but I liked it.  I was rather frustrated when I realized nothing would show once the backpack was attached to the model :o).  Any way I got to taking this picture to prove to myself that the detail is underneath it all.

The model is from way back in 2nd edition and I believe it's been in my collection all that time.  I was planning on using him for my ultramarines because I liked his Iron Halo (reminded me of the now much more available Roman legionair helmets).

The color scheme was inspired on the old Eavy Metal version with my own Blood Angel color scheme in mind (I give all my marines a black trim).  I'm pretty pleased with the results and hope to get some Death Company marines done soon,when they're done I can finally go to battle :o)



  1. I love this Chaplain and he's been at the fore front of my Blood Drinkers army for many years. I had the exact same experience with the shoulder pad, doing some great free hand only to find his assault jump pack completely obscured it. Bah!

    I'm thinking of doing a bit of a repaint on him soon so I'll take a leaf out of your book and get a photo once the packs off.

    Great work BTW, are those RT era special weapon markings I can see in the corners of his pad?

  2. no it's his Armageddon Badge.
    All my angels get it, but due to his black colour scheme his is red (the blooded armageddon badge)

    But that is a great idea, where can I find those??




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