White Dwarf 378

Greetz one and all,

As always I’ve had a busy week, working 6/7 and keeping up with the home chores leaves little time for tin soldiers and rolling dice.  I did get in my bi-weekly Gorkamorka game, and didn’t get to kill the Deff Dread (lost the objective to a 13 year old ;o( ) but had a lot of fun with all the guy’s at the table (we tend to play with 4 instead of 2)  And the other thing I found some time for is this month’s White Dwarf.  I was looking forward to this issue as I wanted to compare metal against resin fine cast.  Know what the deal is all about …

I’m not seeing this as a genuine article in my page count, there are a few words from designers, painters, … but I missed the point, the actual information.  We all know it’s a great product and detail is a lot better but do we need 14 pages to tell us that? 

The lords of pain (40k; PRODUCT; 12p)
Simon Grant takes a look at new realeases; venom, Urien Rakarth, Talos, … with Phill Kelly and Jes Goodwin.  Including a bits picture of the Talos.

Idols of the Desert Gods (FAN; PRODUCT; 5p)
look at new realeases; Ushabti, Apophas

Tomb King Tactica (FAN; TACTIC; 8p)
Robin Cruddace gives some Tactical tips for the use of Tomb Kings

Grey Knights Tactica (40k; TACTIC; 6p)
Mat Ward gives tips and tricks for the use of the Ordo Malleus

Kinstrife Battle Report (40k; BATTLE; 18p)
Eldar Glenn More (1998 pts) vs Dark Eldar Phil Kelly (1995 pts) Capture and control mission

Standard Bearer (GEN; INFO; 2p)
What will you take to a desert island (part deux)

Armies on parade (GEN; HOBBY; 6p)
A look at/ info on Armies on parade competition at gamesday some nice pictures and army idea’s.

Matt Weavers Space Wolfs (40k; HOBBY; 2p)
Well here is a army on parade, overall nice color scheme and some cool concertions

Peril at the Gap of Rohan (LOTR; BATTLE; 8p)
Simon Grant vs Adam Troke in the Flight of the Fellowship mission

This month was (for me) one of the least so far.  It had  a lot of commercial stuff on the “Citadel Finecast” models and then some more product review on the new Dark Eldar and Tomb King models.  Tactica are always handy but I lacked some serious hobby stuff.  I hope next month will see some more articles and less commercials.



  1. I think that it's to be expected, there trying there hardest to steer people away from the price increase like look at the pretty things.

  2. I'd rather looked at the interesting stuff ;o)
    I know, thats a bit harsh, but there are so many commercial items in a magazine devoted to just one company that I want those articles that are in there to be more then just another camouflaged commercial treat.



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