Gorka morka boss

greetz one and all,

The Gorka Morka season is almost at his end and I'm almost done with my foot troops ;o)  Don't ask me why it takes so long to get some models presentable, not even sharp.  But hey, it's fun to do any way .o)

I'm going to use these models for all sorts of project but not for an ork army (as stated before, no new army's for the moment)  But Inquisitormunda, Kill zone, ... enough opportunities if you are looking for them.

On to the model then,
I made this model using an old metal Black Ork head, fantasy head and left arm right arm is from the storm boys.  Back pack was made from a dreadnought torso left overs and a shoota.  All the rest is green stuff.

Paint wise I did basic colours and 2 highlights ending up with a mid tone dip.

Kaptin Kork is the pilot of the Red Vulture second Bomber of Stukker Squadron 4.  After there crash kork assembled the survivors and got to searching skrap and rebuilding his old glory bird

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