White Dwarf 377

Greetings one and all,

What did the easter bunny bring you this year? For me he brought a week of family fun, but with the lack of painting time (unfortunate; but a man has to do what a man has to do). I did get a lot of inspiration form the lands of Friesland (Netherlands) and a brand new White Dwarf. The last one is the reason for me posting.

Sand and stone (Fantasy; Product review; 12p)
your giude to the new tomb kings army
Andy Hall talks to designers and sculptors, has a look at the khemrian warsphinx and gives the Necropolis Knights bit picture. I always love the bit lists, it never stops to inspirer me for new projects or models (all in within the guide lines of my previous post mind you ;o)

Tomb king Illuminations (Fantasy; Product review; 6p)
A look at some of the artwork
Always nice to look at some inspiring drawings.

Citadel Hall of Fame (General; Hobby; 2p)
Mark Harrisons nomination
I love this series, all the classics passing by, and never once have I thought this one is way to ugly. I like every single one entry in the hall of fame (I think I own most of them, but still have to paint a lot of ‘em)

Battle missons Grey Knights (40k; Tactics; 9p)
3 new scenarios for 40k Grey Knights also one of those things to keep close, even if your not playing Grey Knights one of these you might end up fighting against them :o)

Tribes of the orcs and goblin (Fantasy; Hobby; 6p)
Very fluffy article by Jeremy Vetock about the goblin tribes and giving yours a bit more fluff. Nice fun read.

Modelling workshop (Fantasy; Hobby; 8p)
Making some Tomb King scenery. I didn’t get the chance to read it in detail yet, but it all looks nice step by step stuff etc…

The valley of the dead (Fantasy; Battle report; 22p)
Robin Cruddace (tomb kings 2997) vs Adam Troke (High Elf 2998) in the battle for the pass scenario

Standard Bearer (General; Info; 2p)
What would you take to a desert Island?
Well Jervis I’d take a tent and lots of water, but I doubt there will be any models in my back pack; think paint dry’s to quick over there ;o)

‘eavy Metal (Fantasy; Hobby; 6p)
Tomb King Showcase with some nice shield designs.

Army Workshop; The rise of the Crimson King; fan; HOBBY; 8
Duncan Rhodes army of Imrathepis, the Crimson King of Numas. Some nice easy tutorials and an overall nice looking army.

All in all, a bit to much Fantasy focus this month, but I liked this month’s white dwarf.


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