Low Lands Painting Competition 2011

Greetings one and all,

Yesterday was the big day, the low lands painting competition. It has been a while since I got the chance to enter a real painting competition. Our club holds regular speedpaints, but this gives a total different experience. At our speedpaints we paint a model in up and about 6hours (start painting round 10.00h, and stop around 16.00h). A real cool experience, you have to give it your all in 6 hours, but you also have to make choices highlight the cloak or work up those gems, you don’t have time to check other techniques, … A regular painting competition gives you that chance, give it your all, take out all the registers . Not that I’m that a competitive beast, far from it, its just nice to go for your best work, for me that is a satisfaction in his own right. I would love to do that for all my models but I also have this craving to get models done, since this terminator took about a month of painting time, I don’t believe I could do this for all my models. But practice gives routine, so I’ll try to do this more often. But enough rambling on to yesterday’s painting competition.

Yves and myself went to Antwerp, as this is the closest GW, to enter the Low Lands painting competition. I must say we had some high expectations. The goblins held some open painting competitions in the past with some very nice pieces in them. I think it save to say Yves and myself are, amongst others, of the better painters in our club. But at the last painting competitons (now a few years ago) we had a real hard time to keep the honors in our club. Bram of the Green Knights always went home with half of the trophies ;o) But this is a GW only competition, with GW publicity, this should make for some big tough guy’s to enter. In short Yves and I didn’t really expect to have a chance.

Overall the completion wasn’t that bad, there where some clear winners, and usually we where able to give a clear top 3 (we were almost always right) except for our own completion 40k single usually the most contested category. 2 really nice FW commissars and a cool Dark Angel terminator was our top 3. In the end I got third place, … me, … I gave it my best and was rewarded. A nice feeling, although as I said before the competition wasn’t as hard as we had first expected.

I’m not sure if I’ll go to Amsterdam on the 10th of April. Bit of a strange thing that the first 3 go to the next round. I was clearly beaten by number 1 and 2, other stores will probably have equal quality, so that means all 2 and 3 are competing to lose. And driving all those hours to Amsterdam just to enter my models and have a look at the town, … I don’t know yet. I’ll have to lose some sleep over it and figure out if it is just the painting completion of maybe a little bit more.

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