Black Box Revilation - Savage Orks

Greetz one and all,
It’s time for the black box once again. As you probably already know I don’t really have a great bunch of time, but thanks to my FLGS Steven I do get the chance to paint some black box stuff and thus keeping my “new army urge” in check.

This month some ork and goblin reinforcements arrived.  Very cool stuff indeed the spider looks very cool, lots of interesting bits for a forest goblin army.  The savage orks are nice, cool weapon options.  Unfortunately they changed the connection points for arms and head.  The head is an open mouth with tongue on the body.  The arms include the shoulder blades and pit.  The body comes in one piece.  I’m no great fan of the open mouth or the one part body’s.  I do like the arms this way, gives a more natural feel, and I think modelling options are still good, I love the weapons.  All in all a nice box set.

The best item in the box is the new army book if you ask me. Lots of cool pictures and a very nice style. Full colour, hard back, a nice addition. I thought the day’s of collecting all army books was far behind me, but that could change with these books.



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