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Greetings one and all,

Time for my on the net post again. Lots of marine stuff this week including the Space Hulk alternatives from Tanks and Trolls in the little gif thingy on the left. 

Batch painting [BoLS]
Some interesting tips and pointers for guess what batch painting :o)

Dark Eldar Archon [FTW]
A nice re-build of an old model. Looks cool.

FreakForge´s lair, Two primarchs two! [B&C]
Very nice version of Dorn.

Legio Custodes [Dave Tayor]
Dave is selling his custodes; if only I won the lottery

Older librarian [FTW]
Nice looking conversion, nothing to fancy but just the way I like it;

Space hulk Terminators - hoping not to get carried away!, A break from the blue! [B&C]
Jeeej lots of Space Hulk goodness

The Way of All Flesh [B&C]
Nurgle blog with lots of cool inspirational bits

The Under empire
Ahhh, my new fling of the moment.

I hope you enjoyed


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