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Greetings one and all,

To be honest, I was hoping to post something different but the white dwarf has not arrived yet, and the men have made some progress, but nothing worth a post :o) So another on the net it is …

Digitalis Class Gunship - 40k scale BFG! [Ammobunker]
I really enjoy this post; always eager to see where it got to… The attentive reader may have noticed I added “Battle Bunker” to the links. Definitely worth a look.

Gun Tractor [gardeimperialew]
Kussarian Halftrack [gardeimperialew]
very nice looking convertions in there; There are some way nice tank convertions on the net; and maybe 2010 will bring me some ;o) No promises, but some dreams …

Arena Deathmatch [Arena Deathmatch]
have a look at the bottom few; the weapon options and means of display are way cool;

mark of dark gods [Dave Taylor]
some nice tips from the master :o)

Converted Imperial dwarves... [Empire]
I love Imperial dwarfs or Stout dwars as they used to be known.


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