The other men

Greetings one and all,

For once I’ll not show my own work but that of my fellow Empire Goblins :o)

Yves men; well actualy just the wizard; the beggar is not part of his warband and was done by steven (I think). I know this is not much to show; but wait till you see the rest of his warband. The hunting party is just Fab

Stevens Moot landers. One just has to love Stevens dedication. It's one of the more special choises and with some great results.

Jan's osterlanders, great colours. The white is real white. It's been a while since I saw Jan so I hope he kept up the good work.

Koen's party. I realy love the butcher. Koen is a man of many projects and lots of idea's, so we'll see how this works out.


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