On the net today

On the Net today

A new instalment in this article:
The pic of the week. I’m all for keeping it simple; so it’s just one of the things I saw on CMON. I’m not saying I am such a great painter or even a conesseur; There will be better models on the site; that I haven’t seen or just didn’t appeal to me.

Nurgle Daemon conversions [Dakka]
Nugle army like it should be; sick and ugly (no offence)

More IG wip pics, Pig Iron heads, pic heavy [Dakka]
Lovley guard army. Atleast in my opinion.

family album [Dave Taylor]
love the vehicles

Mousekiller's Dwarf Hero Painting Guide [Bugmansbrewery]
Love the man; always nice to see Mouskillers work.
His empire work (or at least I think so; now way the nick gets used twice; right …)
Mousekiller's Empire Army [Empire]

Apocalyptic Manhattan [WIP]
love the vehicles

DR Tooms [WIP]
I love the convertions; a lot of inventive miniature use. Never thought a High Elf could be put to good use (sorry; but once a Dwarf player always a grudge ;o)

It was a long list this week; but hope you enjoyed it as much as I did


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