The old world is not dead

Greetz one and all

Although the people of nothingham pulled a master stunt and brought a new world to our gaming midst, I don't think the old world is dead.  As a matter of fact it most likely has never been more alive in my head.

I am not one to judge on rules and game play as I seldon actually play.  But where I kept a large part of my collection unharmed from my fantastical mind, but now my sculpting tool and cutting knife can finally create all those strange ideas.  I no longer have to fear that gw will one day use all my old clansmen for there new version of warhammer.  The old world is dead long live the old world :)

This is not saying I'm not doing anything in the age of sigmar, I just find it liberating that all boundaries are gone while still leaving me with a wonderful collection of models, story's, rules and ideas :)

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