White dwarf review

Greetz one and all,

With the new look of white dwarf I couldn't leave a review out. Let me start by saying "I didn't know a new look was coming" so I almost discarded mine 'cus I thought it to be some other crap. No seriously I was rather surprised. I didn't go for an actual page count as I did before, but did count the actual commercial pages. Including the shop listing and product advertising, I got to a total of 24 pages giving us a 84% content compared to 70% in previous issues.

Not bad, but if you look at it more critically most articles are not much more then covert advertising (not that's such big news :-). I would like to get some more useful articles. Things you can reach back to. Things like the necromunda ammo crates or the battle field challenges. But on a positive end note this is imo the best wd in the last few months if not years.  Nice lay-out, cool pictures, it all looks a lot more classy.  In the past I made the comparison with Playboy, well now not only did the picture quality improve, but in also includes a centerfold; al be it in the first few pages ;o)

I liked the replacement for standard bearer, Blanchitsu, Citadel Hall of fame, Paradeground, Battleground and paint spatter.  All in all a rather large short list :o)

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