Intoducing Burgomeister Idisvald von rotersnee

Greetz one and all.

As I said a few months ago I'm planning on doing some more empire work this year.  Officially it'll be under a Mordheim theme, but I don't know way I'll use the men for at the end.  I just want to see all the work I did at the start of this blog come to a use (finally ;o) So why not start somthing Mordheimy.  At the end Mordheim was the capital of Ostermark so it makes some sence :o)

Today sees the arrival of my burgomeister. The man who claims leadership over the lost city. Although there are a lot of people renouncing his title, he does seem to have several warbands under his banner (all with there own agenda offcorse ;)

The model: He is made of several Empire kits; but I think you can bring it all back to the Great swords, the huntsmen, and some greenstuff ;o)

The paintjob:  I wanted to mimic my other Empire models from way back when I started this blog.  So darkened with some black and highlighted using some white in the mix.

The Game: I’m a real lover of cards these day’s.  The plan is to make Mordheim cards for all my models, so they can act as little independent characters of there own.  I mean to make little individual gang ratings for all models allowing me to choose which leader I’ll use when playing.  Now to find an opponent, preferably one that agrees to this gaming technique ;o)


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