White Dwarf 389

Greetz one and all,

As I said a few weeks ago (with my last WD review) I’m looking for a new way to give you my insights in GW’s monthly magazine.  Resulting in a no post last month and a I still don’t know this month.  But lets just keep things rolling for now; and when the right way hits me I’ll let you know :o)

The Nihilakh Dynasty;  [40k; hobby; 6p]
Chris Peach shows his necrons and gives some tips and pointers.

Tomb worlds unleashed [40k; product;6p]
Simon Grant and Mat Ward talk about the new Necron releases.

How to paint [General; Hobby; 6p]
A how to paint on: Cadian flack armour; Tau armour; kabalite armour; red power armour; blue aspect armour; green cloth, … (see my new paint page soon)

Colours of the empire [Fantasy; Hobby; 9p]
Painting guide for all the different Empire provinces.

Demmigryph Knights [Fantasy; Hobby; 4p]
An update for Empire “Uniforms and Heraldry”

Tome of Battle; Night of a thousand arcane duels [Fantasy; Tactic; 12p]
First installment of Storm of magic updates; this one focusing on Empire.  Including new scenarios, spells, prayers and relics.

Standard Bearer [General; Hobby 2p]
Jervis Jhonson on the art of compromising in Wargames and the hobby in general.

The Battle for Tanrak [40k; Tactic; 15p]
Mat Ward introduces a map-based campaign; including some campaigns rules, some short battle reports, several scenario’s (including 1 for apocalypse) and some datasheets.

Tale of 4 gamers [Lotr; Hobby; 6p]
The final instalment of the lotr tale of 4 gamers.

All in all a not so bad White Dwarf.  I like the changes that where introduces in the last few issues.  The new way of displaying painting guides is nice (unfortunately the Empire article didn’t get the same treatment) and the way some articles are battle reports; tactic advice; new rules … all with the same narrative.  Lets hope it brings the narrative more to the gaming table; and who knows I might be a full fledged player one day ;o)

Oh and I almost forgot; the absolute best page in this issue is the first one …


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