Introducing Master Hayro Caminant

Greetings fellow gamers,

As MonthyPython would say … “And now for somethingcompletely different …”   I’ve been thinking about a Mechanicus cult for some time now; and now the first model has made it off the paint table (it’s no problem to get on my desk; but to leave it had to be finished ;o)

The model:  The model is made from the forge world quarter master retinue  I just cut the model in 3 parts and patched up the cut here and there (but to be honest all in all that wasn’t that much work) I just didn't like the complete model way to big for skirmish games.  And although a great sculpt enough is enough (and as they say over here "Trop is teveel")

The painting: Master Hayro was painted in a red and black scheme (what would you expect for Mechanicus) with a blueish face. unfortunatley I didn't keep record of the colours I used; sorry.

The Game: The greatest problem in game terms was the lack of weapons; so Hayro is also some kind of psyker and uses a lighting bolt for which I used the rule of a bolter, and his normal electro charge

The Inquisitors thoughts: The Mechanicus Cult has often been of my assistance with contributions in the form of the FD3S RX-7.  My liaison within the  Tsarenka cluster is Master Hayro Caminant also responsible for the adaptations for LR568-3X Leman Russ.

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