White Dwarf 386

Greetz one and all,

A few day’s ago I got my hands on the new White Dwarf.  I was looking forward to some cool 40k stuff.  After seeing this years Golden Demon model I got rather excited.  Unfortunatly the cover said it all for me.  Lots and Lots of Lotr, I’m sorry Ben, but I still can’t get myself to even reading it ;o) On the other hand this issue also covers a cool fantasy terrain piece and painting tips (always useful no matter what game system) And some showcase pictures of 40k trough out the years.

But on to the rundown…

race to the ruins (Lotr; tactical; 8p)
Watcher in the water scenario and battle report

The armies of middle-earth (Lotr; tactical ;11p)
sample army lists for Lotr

the storming of Harlond (Lotr; battle ;8p)
Battle report

standard bearer (general; info; 2p)
Jervis talks about gaming supply's; or at least that what I got from cross reading ;o)

Civil War (Fantasy; tactical; 4p)
Unfortunately still no Empire :o( on to part three then.

standing watch (fantasy; tactical; 2p)
rules for the dethknell watch (new scenry piece)  Not the best piece yet, but I did have a similar idea I never got to finish; maybe this will help me get the job done.

Battlefield challenge Deathknell Watch (fantasy; tactical; 2p)
Man o man, I like these challenges; it gets you thinking about alternatives to the pitched battle.  Although up until now I only actually did one Battlefield challenge, I hope to do some more this year, or at least use them as inspiration in other games.

Army workshop; Necrons by Chris Peach; (40k; hobby; 4p)
Some nice tips to painting your necrons of the niilakh dynasty (the guy’s in turquoise)

Armies of the night; Matt Hutson's vampire counts (fantasy; hobby; 4p)

Armies on parade; Captain Ventris and the 4th on pavonis (Ultramarines) (40k; hobby; 2p)

Army workshop; The Eastern kingdoms (Lotr; hobby; 5p)
Painting tips and tricks for Bordeaux and yellow.

Futures past (40k; hobby; 7p)
A look at the 40k range trough out the years

Battlefields;some amasing battlefields in the 41st millennium (40k; hobby; 12p)

Assault on new rynn city (40k; battle; 18p)
40k scenario and battle report



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