Greetings one and all,

Some of you might have heard about the Golden Goblin Paint Challenge (GGPC) a gentleman’s challenge where we all paint up the same model.  This time we went for lead adventures VSF Bonnie and Clyde 
I didn’t get any inspiration for this model until it was almost to late.  The model is due this weekend,  So I’ll have to get a move on it.

When painting him up as a Irish mad professor for my Western project and talking with Koen about the possibility’s I got the idea to make an “uncle Sam” And if I say so myself I like the look and feel so far.  I got a little more progress then seen in the picture, but you’ll get to see the results (including the other entry’s) in a few weeks.


Models in waiting
Basing ItEn models
Blood Angel Dreads (2 to go)
Mr Black and Mr Green
Rest of the Gorka Morka Gang (bike, spanner)

Wish list
Cowboy’s White, Grey and Red
40k; ItEn stuff

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