Blood Angels Apothecary Andreas

I always try to keep my paint schedule up, but as mentioned in my previous post this week I cheated (again).  This weeks model had his base colours (for my ultra marines) done a few years ago.  I was actually looking for new apothecary’s for my blood angels, and when finding this one I was actually looking for one of my old chaplain but couldn’t find him.  This way I get to finish some of those old models laying around in my treasury (aka leadmountain) and that's a goal all on its self if you ask me.

The base colour pretty much untouched was done using the old spacewolf grey and skull white drybrushed over a black undercoat.  I touched up a bit with skull white this time around, re did the shoulder pad with merchadite red working up to bloodred and end with bloodred and yellow.

I didn’t add the Armageddon campaign badge, just realised it a few seconds ago; I’ll have to go back and add it in.


1 comment:

  1. I really like this one Guido!
    Saw it on the table tuesday,
    and loved the colour...



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