on the net december 2nd

Greetz one and all,

Again not on Wednesday, but I did manage to find a little time for my on the net list.

Bishkek 2nd basalisk [santacruz]
Cool loking immobile Basalisk; I’m looking forward to some kind of army pic ;o) btw did you see the loader …

heavy bolter servitor [Burned Brush]
A bit like the loader from Santacruz; way cool, but much easier (it seems)

chip-on-the-shoulder [inanecourage]
Haha; a fat skaven tutorial at last

making feathers tutorial [dave taylor]
I have a similar technique but dave knows best ;o)

Another Victorian Street [lead adventure]
I love these Victorian tings maybe something for late 2031 or so …

Spite -- a ghost town. [lead adventure]
I’d love to get my scenery to this level and in a similar style.

Ghost Town Commission [lead adventure]

basics-dark-colored-primer [FTW]
Always nice tutorials on FTW

Pre-Heresy World Eaters [Hortwerth]
Very cool PH Dread.

original fantasy miniatures [whfm]
Funny stuff

drilling out your gun barrels [ftw]
Still not sure if I’ll risk it; but it looks cooler.

That’s it for now.


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