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Greetings one and all,

What did I find interesting on the net the last few weeks:

Tycho Conversion WIP, Will actually likely be a project thread :) [B&C]
Cool looking own version of a cool character.

Word Bearer Rhinos, CoC MKIV thread - June, Update 2 [B&C]
Some nice simple stuff and some more elaborate stuff as well.

Tutorial - Creating a stone flagging base [Massive Voodoo]
Nice tutorial.

40K Lore; Imperium at war [Bols]
I always love fluff stuff, at even more so if some one makes synoptic view of it all.

How to paint blood angels [stahly’s paintstation]
nice tutorial, I did most of my troops; but for my assault marines …

chimera CPV [Ammobunker]
Man o man, I believe I’m becoming quite the tank lover.

My fantasy miniatures
cool looking convertions, to bad there is no painting

TWF-01 Pryn-Gul Tower [Brandlin]
looks old school in a new way ;o)
more pix



  1. Hi griffit and thanks for your pimping of my blog and model kits. Not heard them called old skool before, but I am ok with that :) I hope to sell many and make a wider range.

  2. I called them old skool 'cus they remind me of the scenery when I started. I think we tried to make a wizards tower out of a Pringels Box. But what you did with them... just marvellous.




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