Whtie Dwarf review 366

Greetings one and all,

The new White Dwarf fell in to my lap so on to the reading chair …
Aside from my personal view; lets get some stats on.

I wont give a score on 10 but you know what your cup of tea is; maybe these stats will give you an indication; every line gives 12 pages or less. If you want my personal opinion; just read on ;o)

Editorial: Andrew Kenrick is our new editor, his do’s an introduction and talks about how memorable this issue will be with 40K Spearhead.

New releases and news: nothing special; the command sprue for vehicles you got at the start of apocalypse is back for sale by GW mail order. In the new section, I noticed the return of William King, he’ll be writing Tyrion and Teclis novels.

Tank shock: A chat with the designers Tom Walton, Dale Stringet and Jes Goodwin about the new tank kits and a bitlist of the new leman russ. I like the leman russ, but the new design has some changes that are not really my thing. The back hatch has bigger details and the exhaust are simplified as well. The Manticore and Deathstrike look cool with the somewhat different cockpit, but the missiles are not my cup of tea. The fire prism and night spinner on the other hand look awesome. Oh; and I almost forgot the rules of the night spinner are included in this article.

Spearhead: the long expected and announced expansion to 40k featured in White Dwarf, … It looks appealing to me. I’d love to have a tank battle, … but that would have to mean I need tanks ;o) but back to the article; it includes the intro; organising the battle; mission selection and briefings. But it does not include the data sheets of the spearheads; these can be found on the website. Personally I don’t mind getting stuff from the site or from white dwarf, but I don’t like mixing the both.

Reinforcements: the regulars will know I didn’t read this, but it looks obvious; Faramir, etc rules for the skirmish version of Lotr and an ambush scenario

War is coming: Well, if I’m a real critic, as an old-timer, I would have to say this is a complete and utter waste of pages, a few pictures and illustrations. It’s a teaser but that’s it.

On wings of blood: Mat Ward looks at the tactical possibility’s of the blood angels, as I am not that big on tactics and strategy’s I enjoy an article like this to get a grip on the issue and be able to talk with the big generals around the table ;o)

Liber apocalyptica, Tank Wars: Apocalypse data sheets for tank stuff ;o)

The battle of phantomfall: the battle report, using spearhead rules, between Robin Cruddace (Eldar) and Graham Davey (Imperial Guard)

Standard Bearer: Tankbuster Jervis talks about his first love … tanks, who would have guessed that ;o)

Tusks and gore: A guide to Duncan Rhodes new orc and gobin boarboyz and river trolls. There are some cool looking colour schemes in there and nice poses; but actual conversions

Modeling workshop: Spearhead special. Some words on unit designs, and lots of detail pictures of vehicles from all over the 40k universe. A bit of a disappointment for me; I always look forward to the extensive painting guides like the nmm Sanguinor a few issues back (still have to try it though)

Citadel hall of fame; Back from the dust shelves comes the designers and painters naming there favourite mini. I like this series, makes you wander about possibilities. This month Seb Perbet.

Premier Event: Golden demon categories; a bit of a strange one for me; I used to love the extensive winner coverage a few years a go; WD even went as far as making an extra booklet with the winners. But this is more a list of the categories with the winners of last year; I know what categories are in there, I entered a few times … The pictures are nice; but I want more of them, or … I don’t know.

Overall I had great expectation for this issue, and frankly I’m not that satisfied. I’m not saying this is the worst issue ever, but considering the fact that, I still have to download half of spearhead to play the game, a lot of space was lost to commercial articles (War is coming, premier event) and the painting articles where not what I expect of them for the moment, I am rather disappointed.
Well that is my opinion,


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