The good old day’s?!?!

Greetz one and all,

I don’t know about you, but the saying "the good old day's" has crossed my mind a few hundred times over the last few years. When looking at white dwarf for instance, a lot of my friends say there is way to much commercial space in them, and way to little interesting articles. The day’s of “tale of 4 gamers”, “index astartes”, “chapter approved” … are long gone.

Well, I was thinking what is truth in this story, not that I went trough all of my White Dwarfs. I took some random issues out of my collection and started checking some criteria. How many pages are Fantasy, 40K or other systems, how many pages are battle reports, painting tips, fluff, ...A lot of numbers; and I’m not even completely sure I got it all right. The complex matter of two criteria in one matrix.

Maybe it is more important to know that there are indeed some differences trough the ages, but in general the current white dwarf is not that bad. Although I also get the feeling there is a lot of publicity in them. We never actually got that much painting and hobby advice in the magazine as we get these day’s. The fluff and rules are a bit down tuned; but every once and a while you get stuff like spearhead or a few years back the blood angel rule set.

My personal favourites where the fat dwarfs; lots of extra rules and try-out thingy’s. But then again these day’s I don’t even get to play a decent battle leave alone try out some cool scenario or new special character.

And the Lotr stuff as you probably know is really not my cup of tea, but Epic, or battle fleet Gothic wasn’t either, so what is the big difference. They all have there fans so let them enjoy it. I do how ever think there should be some sort of balance, that is where my monthly review comes in. I was looking for some criteria to rate a magazine, so I’ll go for content and page count. Just like I did above, and I hope this gives some kind of objective view of the magazine.

In conclusion, as always the good old day’s are not all that much better then the current one’s. I just didn’t have to worry about paying the electric bill or getting the kids at school on time. I don’t think the quality of the products has gone down, I believe the vision and feel changed, and that is what makes it the good old day’s.



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