White Dwarf 363

Greetings one and all,

It was a busy week gaming wise; a lot of posts … I finished my Empire general and post the pix and something extra soon. But for now I leave you with my White Dwarf review.

Editorial: again reading the editorial, I knew this review was good for something. Mark talks about the new releases and the growing list of plastic kits vs the old snap fit (statue) marine and heavy metal dread. Not that the old models are better; the plastics have way more detail. But you have to admit after some years of the old metal dread, moving the new one over the field kind of feels strange; puny maybe. I’m fortunate to have friends like Jan who make old school army’s ;o)

New releases: Lots of new 40K stuff, I’m most looking forward too the battle missions book

Mechanised fury [40K] A look at the new vehicle kits for 40K. I always like the bit pix I even got to thinking. Maybe I should make a list of where and when they published these bit pix. This time they published the Def Dread, Killa Kans and venerable Dreadnought.

Battle Missions [40K] A few words and sneak peaks at the new scenario book. But when I say a few I mean a few words.

Calth’s Bane [40K]: exclusive short story by graham McNeill (didn’t get to that part yet, but I think it’s always worth the effort to read a short story ;o)

Reinforcements [Lotr]: sorry guy’s still can’t bring it up to read lotr stuff ;o)

Rush an rend [WHFB]: The second army composition article, this time about fast moving army’s. I feel this was a bit better then last time when they discussed balanced army’s;

Gorthor’s rampage [WHFB]: Phil Kelly takes a look at the exploits of Gorthor including a month by month review of his deeds and a cool looking scenario.

Tactica Tyranids [40K]: Robin Cruddace talks about essential nid tactics

Prepared Assault [40K] : Battle report Guards vs Orks (Robin vs Phil)

Standard Bearer: Jervis is either a brave man or tired of the same question all over again and again. This standard bearer is dedicated to “are you going to do any more armies for your games” A question you here a lot on the net, the return of squats/demiurge/space dwarfs or Chaos Dwarfs, Nipon, … For once I didn’t really get that much out of the standard bearer. The point Jervis makes is a bit obvious in my opinion. Frankly I feel all those people talking about a rerelease or using there out of print and codex modes, lack imagination. Take the Demiurge for one; if you have the models or the converting skills; why not use the ork codex?

If I ever get to it; that is what I’ll do. (so many projects …)

Digestion Pools [40K] Modeling article on tyranid Digestion pool (didn’t see that one coming did you :o) But you could just as well use it for a Chaos bile pool

Army Workshop [LOTR] Again I skip

‘eavy metal masterclass; Freehand, tips and trics about free handing shoulder pads, shields, keylines and trims, and banners

That’s all folks, a bit to much 40K an to little Fantasy for me. But a lot of paining and converting essentials; The bit lists are a must have for me.

Overall I give it a 3/5 but again, I’m no publisher, and these guy’s at least get decent content in there; I’m just rambling a bit :o)


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