Ok, again something new on the blog.
Again I’m not saying I am such a big wizard in the gaming community, far from actually.

Personally I am a subscriber to White Dwarf, I have to admit the model you get with a sub in box deal did pull me over ;o)

I’ll be scoring the magazine of a 1-5
I bought this issue because:
1: … well; I really want a complete collection of White Dwarfs ;o)
2: … I’m in to this kind of stuff
3: … It holds a little for all of us
4: … It is one of the best issues this year
5: … It will be required reading for all my grandchildren

But over to the business of the day; White Dwarf 360.

Editorial; I never really read this stuff so … bla bla bla (sorry Mark)

New releases; Very cool fortress of redemption; as is the new addition to the collectors range

A year in review; personally I find it a bit cheap; a line up of all new releases from the past year. Not that I really get bother, but except as a reminder or a trip on memory lane (or rather ally) I didn’t really see the point.

Old war stories; well I’m a bit of a fan. It looks like the way things are going with the goblins; or at least the veterans; I loved the conversion ideas and some of the campaign solutions.

Look to the skies!; I didn’t do an in-depth reading of this piece, I’m not that much of a tactician but the new planet strike additions got a few guy’s at the bar all wound up :o)

Fortress of redemption; some house rules; they look fair.

Andy Hall’s game-a-week; A very good idea, should try this my self. I only mange one game a year at this pace ;o)

A tale of four gamers revisited; I enjoyed this one, again a trip to memory lane; but with that bit more extra what IMHO. The guy’s did some cool additions, although Pete’s where the most surprising.

Blood and sand; here is where I drop off for a few pages; I really am not in to Lord of the Rings; really not.

Blanchitsu (standard bearer); personally I’m more a fan of Jervis. But Jhon will do ;o) I like the series, so I read this one; not a big fan of Jhon (strange isn’t it) I know he did the major designing and made the world of Warhammer what it is. I love a lot of is art work in the flesh; but in the magazines of books a lot of them lose there charm. But to the point; for the fans Blanche gets in to depth about his painting.

Crimson Fists; a bit of a romanticised commercial if you ask me.
Modelling workshop Strongholds; featuring the new Stronghold of course, a solid article although I liked the Empire coaching inn better. The stronghold being more of a build guide than a workshop, it has some use in explaining basic assembling techniques. But the coaching in go’s that bit further using some extra bits of coarse.

Battlefield challenges “the fort”; again I’m a fan; even if the scenario sucks Ill still say its good :o) No, serious. It stars … the fortress of redemption but that doesn’t have to be a turn off ;o)

‘eavy metal masterclass skaven; the vermin lord actually, did some nice minor conversions and some nice tips on source lightning effects; Solid stuff …

Premier venue “Christmas”; again more of a commercial bit in my opinion but hey I want to go … so it works

Overall I give it a 2 but then again I was in to a lot of the stuff ;o)


PS: Just to be complete and to let you all know I'm not that big of a stuck up old tart; I would rate my own Blog to a max of a 2. Way to many spelling errors and such. The people from WD are way better then I am at writing articles and getting a cool lay-out and such.

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