The men; out for a walk.

Greetings one and all,

This weekend we all gathered at “KoenKon”; basically a guy’s day in Koens garden.
We where all just standing by the barbecue enjoying our meal; when all of a sudden a bunch of Squigs attacked our party …

Steven en Yves (steven play's halflings; you figure out who is who ;o)

For me it was a very nice day; I’m not that big a “gamer” I tend to spend more time paining and whining then I do playing the games. We used the rules form Savage World for a more RPG approach but will be doing some skirmish games in the near future as well. (with 10 figures completed I’m in the lead, but still a long way for a skirmish game)

Stevens Halflings checking out what's on the table

Still it was a very impressive sight to behold; the table with the mini’s. We all do our best to get the most out of it. I want to thank all that came to the BBQ especially Koen for letting us lend his garden.


Ps: for the lovers of RPG nonsense here is a recipe one of the Mootlanders gave me during the aftermath.

Squig ala Gospodar

It is an old Kislevite recipe perfectioned of course by the finest eaters in the old world.

First you take the tongue of a Squig. (about 4 stones for a similar amount of Mootlanders)
Remember; when cutting out the tongue; those fangs are still sharp when the critter is dead; and the places he’s been usually don’t speed up the healing process of a small cut

Boil it for about half an hour, adding salt, pepper and some Brass leave to the stew.
After the first boil; throw away the water; the tong should be disinfected by now. (if you really want to be on the safe side you could wrap it in salt for a few day’s prior to the cooking but the mootlander found it spoiling the taste)

For the second boil you cut the tongue in small blocks about the size of a river pebble (I have no idea what size he meant I think it is rather small) add some red, white and green cabbage in all chopped up real neat 4 potato’s /stone of tongue, some pepper and red root for the flavor. Leave it on the fire until the red root released all its colour.

Finally chop up some tomato’s and heat them up till they are nice and muchy, leak 1/3 of the boiling water and throw together in the pot.

It was kind of heavy for my taste; but if you go down just a bit on the potato’s and cabbage, it will work just fine.

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  1. love the halfling scene! ....and jupiler too :D



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