White Dwarf 370

Greetings one and all,

At last he came; my monthly magazine arrived and hit my lap, a few hours later I’m here with my report.

The armies of Uthuan (12 pages)
Some insights on the mighty High Elves (The Dwarf in me did not like that line) and some cool pictures of the new models. Very nice scenery and

Battle for the Island of Blood (28 pages)
Very big battle report between Skaven and High Elves. With a special scenario and a bunch of special rules.

War in the misty mountains (6 pages)
Some history and lots of cool models from the misty mountains

Back in the saddle (6 pages)
The tactical pros and cons Mat ward

Standard Bearer (2 pages)
Jervis talks about tactics this week, march blocking and redirecting vs combined arms and the long game.

‘eavy Metal Masterclass Prince Althran (8 pages)
Daren Latham shows Prince Althran on foot and how he painted the model.

Army masters; Battalion Challenge (6 pages)
An insane but way cool painting competition from the studio with some nice army’s as a result. Martin’s Ogre Kingdoms; Marks Vampire Counts

The Sabbat Worlds Campaign (2 pages)
Dan Abnett talks about how this set of books came to be

Army workshop; Word Bearers (8 pages)
Duncan Rhodes Word Bearer army

Modeling Workshop Chaos terrain planet strike (6 pages)
Chad Mierzwa’s chaos bastion

I like the army focuses but that is probably ‘cus I’m more the painter then the gamer, but maybe the tacticians out there dislike this issue cus there is to many pictures.

I still need to make the database update; but that's something for next week.


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