Crisis 2009

Saturday was The Tin Soldiers crisis , all of the Goblins gathered and went on a spending spree :o)
The day was not what we intended it to be; but gave us the possibility to … well just go wild and buy loads of models (exept me I only bought one ;o)

There where many fine tables of fellow gamers …

And some nice new models form various company’s.

I like the kobolts and orks

Black Scorpions
The fantasy pirates are my kind of model; original, realistic and up to size ;o)

Smart Max
Smog 1888
A bit larger then normal but way cool in design; have a look at the shop and don’t forget the Mauser Earth

It was some time ago since I last visited a convention, but I had a great time, saw some great models, and had some nice chat’s with a bunch of people.


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