On the net today (and the day before)

Greetings one and all,

Another week has passed and I got some bits and pieces here and there that might be interesting for you all ;)

Warhammer Magic cards [GW]
This might bring the veteran gamers amongst us back to 4th edition (or something like that; I’m not really keeping count) I like having stuff like that on a card; otherwise I keep flipping trough the book.

Warhammer Ard Boyz Preliminary Scenarios [GW]
Another older post (I think) but it got my attention on dakka dakka. I like scenario games, and maybe this one could be useful in our (golden goblin) Empire thingy.

space wolf sprues [BOLS]
Even is your not a big fan of the space puppies, have a look; some nice marine bits for all us all.

Landspeeder storm Imperial Fist [B&C]
I like the painting of this one; looks nice and realistic.

That is for now.

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