Introducing K1t 487

Greetz one and all,

today I’m introducing a model I made last year, or rather in the last few years :)  It's one of those figurines you know has a lot of potential, but for some reason you just can't seem to drag it out.  I've worked on it several times but never got around to finishing the deal.

The model; is an old Rackham AT-45 walker (don't know the name).  I alway's wanted to turn it in to some kind of non combat thing a sort of npc so to say.

the paintjob: Hmmm, it's been a while, ... if I remember correct I used a lot of layers (bone and white colors)  some transfers for detailing and washes.  Sorry next time I'll try to write things down.

The rules:  The rules included here are for Shadow Wars Armageddon, but I'm considering using him in Necromunda as well :)

ohhh, and the scenario :)

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