WIP November

Greetz one and all,

As usual there has been way to little hobby time in the last few week, well actually I've been using my hobby time as it was intended (I get a lot of painting time in after 23.00h) ... Sleeping ;o)

But I did manage to get some convertion work done here and there and started painting my next Iten model.

Unfortunatley my fantasy projects are on hold for the moment; but on hold does not mean forgotten ;o)

first up my Mechanicus Agent (I've got no idea of name; type or stats for now; but we'll see)
The white parts have to be re-done to black and the add-ons on the boots are goint metal (bronze)

Next some convertion work on the Dark Vengeance Librarian.  Going the other way around as October's Wip I've now brought a Dark Angel to my Blood Angel collection :o)


  1. I like the blood angel/dark angel conversion!

  2. I'm starting painting him this weekend. He is supposed to be a pre Armageddon 2 Mephiston

  3. Nice conversion Guido.
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