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Greetz one and all,

With the release of Dark Vengeance I've also started working on some Dark Angels.  It's way to much work to shave off all the dark Angel Emblems from the models and by the way they look cool the way they are.  To finish my argument I don't have a City Fighting force yet ;o)
Now that I have eased my concionse I can also admit to the fact that it's just cool to think about some extra convertions and it gives me the possibility to convert the same model twice without it beeing to obviouse.  Today's model is the first in the line of seconds. A few weeks ago I introduced Amitiel Commander at arms a convercion using the Sicarius from the previous edition 40k, well now I'm using him as a librarian in terminator armour. And what is more I'm planning of making him in power armour, with bike and with jumppack.  But on the the work on the terminator thus far...

As said I'm using the Black Reach Sicarius model or the torso atleast and a Chaos terminator legs and torso.  I've done some extensive shaving to make it fit but managed to fit it in.  I'm glad with the look but I must admid it looks a bit off, i think this is due to the fact that the model was not made to fit terminator armour.

For the arms I picked normal terminator arms for the right with a Grey knights staff and grey knight arm for the left.  (Initially I used a power fist, and it looks cooler, but is not available for librarians)

The candles are done with tooth picks and greenstuffrodds using this tutorial.

some other details in Green stuff here and there and this guy is ready for the paint desk :)


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