WIP july 6th

greetz one and all,

It's been a while since I posted another update.  And to be honest I lost track of what the mission of this blog was.  To keep the painting process going.  So there is no White Dwarf review this month, and I'm not doing a Black Box Revelation about project Pandora or the 6th edition rulebook.  Instead I'm posting some pictures of my WIP Storm Talon for my Ordo Xenos Death Watch marines (probably allies for my Blood Angels, and a good excuse to paint all those great kits they can't fit in to there army list ;o)

There is still a lot of work, I didn't touch the wings yet but I'm quite satisfied about the body.  The red is as a campaign color and makes blending with my Blood Angels a bit easier.

Next up are the wings; maybe incorporate a bit more red here and there

and then there is still the GGPC; but more on that next week (I hope)


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