White Dwarf 390

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I’m reading my White Dwarf on the Spanish coast this month, and that is also the reason why the review is a bit later then usual.  But better late then never.  I must say the interior look of the White Dwarf has changed a bit.  I couldn’t find any trace of a Battle report and at first glance I think there is a lot more commercial space (but we’ve been saying that for years while the stats prove otherwise)

Ultra Marine Storm Tallon (4P; 40k; Hobby)
Step by step painting guide for the Storm Tallon in Ultra Marine colours
I like these painting guides; they are simple and effective.  I’m thinking about collecting them or atleast make an overview of what can be found where; but more on that later (I hope)

Battle for Cardrim (16p 40k; info)
A short story about orks, white scars and Necrons

Scramble (2p: 40k; Tactic)
A new scenario with (the new) flyers as main feature
I like scenario play; although I rarely come to actual gaming; when I do, I enjoy a good story based battle with a nice scenario, rather then the pitched battle.

Army Project White Scars vs Orks (6p; 40k; Hobby)
2 army’s using “The Assault on Black Reach” as a base; and including the new flyers off coarse.  It includes a painting tutorial for white scars armour and metal, and a Evil Sun Dakka jet

Standard Bearer (2p; General; Hobby)
Jervis talks about the diversity of our hobby.  Or how you can be a tactical genius, painting master or a convertion lunatic ;o)

New Rules for the flyers (12p; 40k; Tactics)
Some updates for the Space Marine and ork Codex

Armies on parade (2p; 40k; Hobby)
Paul Norton’s Blood Angels
Nice looking models shame I got to see the dreadnoughts after my War of Iron projects

Da Stone Toof Tribe (6p; Fantasy; Hobby)
Duncan Rhodes gives some painting tips for the new orks and Goblins, as an update for his Stone Toof Tribe from a few issues back.
I like the new models; but then I love the new plastics.  I never got why Fine cast made it over individual plastic.

Gamesday Golden Demon Empire Gallery (2p; Fantasy; Hobby)
Some Gamesday winners from the last few years.

Scenery Show case Reiksguard Chapter House (4p; Fantasy; Hobby)
A scenery project by Chris Peach using the garden of Morr and Witchfate Tor kits as a base.
Great looking scenery although a bit expensive bits

Gamesday Golden Demon 2012 (2p; General; Info)
Some info on the Black Library stand on games day UK 2012


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