Take it to the sky; Epistolary Myrdin

Greet one and all,

Today's post is all about my next big game. After the war of iron I got to thinking about what next. And for this scenario I went for an all aerial assault game for both sides. Now just to find an enemy player and we're set :-)  Oh, and on a side note, I recently started painting and listening to audio drama's (Black Library for now) and I've got to say it really did enhance my painting experience.  At least compared to the current way of things; where I paint by myself. I used an older model I got laying around, but was missing a staff. So I added a Grey Knight bit I had laying around.  I bended the knee's a bit and had to touch up some parts at the grieves, but other then that no problem :)  At the end I added a Sanguiniary guard back pack.

I painted the model following the index astartes, the black wings are part of the squad simbol.  The squad I'm working on is called the Black Wings and is the 5th's elite assault squad.  But more on them in a few weeks (I hope)

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