The men get a new destination

Greetz one and all,

Some of you might remember my ostermark models from a few years ago.  I had this brilliant idea of making me a new army ...  Unfortunately it didn't succeed and ended up on the dust shelf.
Well now, a few guys at the goblins started a mordheim "campaign" and gave me the perfect excuse to adapt my existing models and think about some new ones here and there :-)

And so the strory re-starts.  I've already seen that most of the models are not quite what I'll need in Mordheim (halberdiers are not the chissel I think)  But the haflins are in, as are some of the great swords.  My lord is an option for later on, and the dwarfs are good to go (although they count as regular humans in the gang)  Except for a (I think Middenheimer) Human gang; I'll try and do a witch hunter gang aswell (have a box of flaglants laying around and a converted Witch hunter ready to go)

But let's have a look at some WiP pictures shall we ...


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