First Gorka Morka Battle and GW's Lowlands painting competition.

Greetz one and all,

There are two things I’d like to share.

First up, I had my first game of Gorka Morka this week. I went to the FLGS and met up with Steven and Yves for a quick game. As it turns out we held a 3 way scrap counter scenario. I had 2 vehicles 9 gang members (nob, 2 spanners, 1 Slaver, 2 Yoofs, 3 Grots). Not a gang I did a lot of thinking about, but it worked pretty good. Fun thing about Gorka Morka is the way it was written, more about the story then competitiveness. The way I like it ;o)
And in the end I got away with the most scrap markers; again the way I like it :oD

Second thing worth mentioning: GW is doing a Lowlands painting competition. I love this opportunity, as last year it seemed all painting competitions seem to have dried down. I’m not saying I’m a great or even good enough painter to win such a competition, but I always like entering these things and look at other peoples work. I hope this initiative gives the local clubs (including ours) the motivation to do there own painting events. :o)

lage landen schilder competitie

Up next is choosing a model and painting it up before the end of next month.



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