White Dwarf 374

Greetings one and all,

Second White Dwarf in one month, what a treat.  The February issue promises a lot of Blood Angel stuff, which is good for my own army project ;o)

Warriors of Baal [40K/PRODUCT 14p]
Design Notes on the Blood angels, including Dread Bit list and special scenario The Bood of martyr
I always love the Bit Lists, and have a weak spot for scenarios, although I rarely get the chance to play them.  I love the way it gives an extra dimension to your games.

Liper Apocalyptica Blood Angels [40K/TACTIC 6p]
Blood Angel Datasheets for use in Appocalypse games
Death company, Dante’s sanguine Host, Archangel Skyforce, Fire Storm Strike Force.

The Dark Horde [LOTR/PRODUCT 6p]
LOTR Badguy's

Die die man thing [Warhammer/TACTIC 8p]
Jeremy Vetock explains some Skaven tactics.
The do’s and the don’ts, the treats and the treats for your Skaven army

Authoring Astartes [40K/PRODUCT 2p]
Gav Thorpe talks about how to write Space Marine stories

Skies of Blood [40K/BATTLE 20p]
Mathew Hutson (1750 Blood Angles) vs Phil kelly (1746 Dark Eldar)

Standard Bearer [Gen/INFO 2p]
Jervis talks about playing campaigns

Armageddon [40K/INFO 12p]
The what and the how of the 3th War for Armageddon Studio Campaign.
Nothing really uber Cool yet, rather standard looking army’s and some old artwork.  But cool to see Armageddon reviving, Steven was thinking of doing the same thing at our club.  I hope this inspires him and my Blood Angels get the chance to squash the ork menace one of these day’s.

Army Masters Army [Fan/HOBBY 6P]
Christian Bryne's Empire Army Ostermark, a way cool army.  Very nicely painted (as you would expect from army masters) I reminds me of an army I once saw on the net, I’m not sure who it was from though ;o) …  I really have to get back to those guy’s one day.
Ps have a look at the banners; specially the great swords, I want that for my own army but doubt I’ll ever be able to get it done properly.

Army Workshop [40K/HOBBY 8p]
Blood Angels strike force, Blood Angel painting tips based on the models from the new Strike force.  The vehicles look cool, overall nice weathering.

School Club Profile [GEN/INFO 2p]
Chilwell School; I like this kind of stuff.  I remember one of the first one of the Gobstick crew.  Back then it made me dream of the possibility of one day reading about our very own Golden Goblins in a magazine.  I don’t care about something like that any more, but still enjoy reading about other clubs.

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