On the net January 26

Greetz one and all,

It has been some time since I posted my "on the net" thing so you will find some older url's in here, but they all work, and are still interesting to take a look at (or at least I think so)
Summoners [B&C]
New project by Doghouse, one of the best painters on B&C. I’m looking forward to what he’ll be up to in this army.

Valkyrie nose art [John’s Toysoldiers]
A bit of an old post; but I wanted to show you any way. I like the idea of nose art, and this seems fairly simple to realise.

Off shelf old glory pathan Tribesmen [four color figures]
Also an older post, I like the colour of these guy’s.

Painting black armour [FTW]
Always good to keep close by.

Furioso Librarian [Wolftemplars]
A DIY Furioso Librarian that looks very cool. I like the new sacrofagus better, but other then that very nice job.

Necrowhatica starting gang [The Back 40k]
We are not the only ones to get the old games from under the dust piles ;o)

Rune priest in Terminator armour [Space Wolves Grey]
Looks like a fairly easy conversion, but with a great result.

That’s it for this week.

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