Event; Crisis 2010

Greetz one and all,
I was hoping to show you my sanguinor by now; but unfortunately I had an encounter with father Nurgle in the form of a cold. But enough excuses, I did find my self fit enough to visit Crisis 2011 a gamer convention in Antwerp by the Tin Soldiers. A nice event with lots of spending pleasure ;o)

First a few words on the show; There where some changes this year; no more painting competition and another take on the second hand retail. But I didn’t have the feeling that changing these things added on the other elements of the show. I missed some super “whaaw” tables that I saw in the last years. But for your spending itch, this is the place to be, a lot of things you can’t find in the regular FLGS. And this is the only show in our region where you get your own free model. On to the spending spree …

Black Scorpion pirates and stuff
Last year I noticed Black Scorpion for the first time, I love a lot of there stuff, they have some cool fantasy and real pirates stuff, and there Western stuff is great.

I’m not sure where these guy’s will lead me, but I just had the feeling I had to incorporate some cowboy’s in the collection this year.

Urban war Triads starter set
This should be my easy to realise ordo xenos Inquisitor gang. I hope I can keep this promise
The idea is to keep the 5 samurai, bump the girl and Nurglise the sumu guy.

Perry Twins War of the rose models.
To be honest I don’t know why I bought this set, or what I will do with it. I love the detail and equipment, maybe some mordheim like stuff or something. Nothing big anyway.

Kevin Dallimores Painting and Modelling guide.
I want to get some more insight in the 3 stage colouring technique.

It’s a strange thing this wargaming-thing on one side the historical gamer and in the other corner the GW/IKWM gamers. I hope to find some place in-between ;o)


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