Blood Angels Sanguinor; take Two

Greetz one and all,

Last week the Goblins held a character bash, bring your (painted) special character; and beat the crap out of the other special characters. So a good occasion to finally finish the Sanguinor.

I decided not to go for the conventional NMM Gold scheme (although the WD tutorial is great; and I am thinking about buying a 2nd model just for this) but instead I wanted to try a marble look. The first try outs gave me a good looking white but my marble stripes where just not what I would have liked them to be. So in the second attempt I only did the white and cheered the model op with some colours appropriate for the chapter and character.

I used foundation paint Dheneb stone and skull white for the base colours and washed it with Devlan Mud, highlight with dehneb stone again. The red was Mechanicus red and blood red. I found the big challenge so make all the difrent sorts of white work to define different chapes. For instance with the scrolls at his legs I used a yellowish brown as base coat, bleached bone skull white and black lettering, where the purity seals use bleached bone, skull white and no lettering. I think it turned out ok, I’m not going for the demons or anything like that, but I believe that to be a bit out of my league.

Cheetz Griffit



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