White Dwarf 371

Greetings one and all,

It has indeed been a good week, but rather busy with the new snotling onboard.
I did find some time to read (or rather flip trough) the pages of this months White Dwarf.

For me 2 great and lovely surprises in the first few pages of the magazine, first off some new terrain items (dreadstone blight and witchfate tor, tower of sorcery) and the new Sub in a box mini. (I still have to paint last years Grombindal)
From the labyrinth dimension (8 pages)

Dark Eldar designers notes with Jes Goodwin. I’m glad he got involved in the new mini line, not that I’m planning on collecting Dark Eldar, but I do think to models are much more inline with the 4Ok universe. In this article you can find lots of pictures of the new models and Jes explains the how, what and why’s of the miniature design.

A dark Genisis (6 pages)
Second up are the designers notes from Phil Kelly, or the how what and why’s of the codex.

The dark art (2 pages)
Some artwork from the Dark Eldar codex and explication by Kevin Chin (some promising stuff)

Reinforcements (4 pages)
Lord of the rings reinforcements for gundabad goblins, cave drake, and dwarfs.

The defenders of Ulthuan (6 pages)
Adam Troke gives some tactical advice for High Elves.

Old War stories (6 pages)
Jeremy talks about his kind of warhammer battle. Ok I have to admit; I didn’t really get to reading the whole thing, but it is always a nice instalment in the WD so I’m sure to check it soon ;o)

The soul harvest (20 pages)
40k Battle Report; Phil Kelly’s Dark Eldar vs Andrew Kenrick’s catachans.

Standard bearer (2 pages)
Jervis explains how you could go about choosing an army.

Arcane architecture (8 pages)
An how to article about using the 2 new scenery pieces in your games. Personally I just loved the pictures (yeay gamer porn ;o) but the suggestions on game terms are cool two.

‘Eavy Metal masterclass Dark Eldar (8 pages)
Anja Wettergren and Joe Tomaszewski give some tips about glowing eyes, kabalite armour, brass details, DE flesh, red hair, tattoos, mandrakes (flesh, hair and flayed skin) and vehicle tattoos. I hated this article for a few seconds, if I read this first I wouldn’t have scewed up the reaver a few weeks ago

Modelling Workshop; Dark eldar (8 pages)
Hip hip horay a new bit list ;o) and some models by the master himself

This concludes my post 100; hip hip horay

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